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Check Up

Navy had her one month check up...well she's still only 3 weeks, she'l be 4 on friday. Anyway, I was so excited to see how much she weighed...well is a whooping 10lbs. she has gained 2 whole pounds in 3 weeks!! That is so cool to me! I didn't think she was THAT big!! It's going by SO fast already!

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Check Up

Wow, one month already!? It goes by so fast.

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Check Up

Haha, sounds like kennedy. She was 7lbs 12 oz when she was born, and by her two week check up she was almost 10. She was 14 by 2 months, 17 by 4 months, and is 22 now at 9 months. She was breastfed exclusively for 7 of those months!! Hope I'm making sense, I'm in a hurry!

Enjoy it, time flies. :D

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Check Up

babys grow fast i miss my 22 pound baby jaydens now pushing 30 pounds hell be 2 soon though.