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Baby buying timeline?

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Baby buying timeline?

Recently, I started doing a little baby shopping. I don't know if I'm going to have a baby shower or not. So far, I have bought mostly sizes in the 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12 months range.

I don't have any other children, so I'm not too sure how fast they grow at different ages. I'm guessing I will end up with a lot 0-3 months clothing and that he will outgrow them fast.

What are the best sizes to buy for your newborn considering how they grow? And how much should you get for the different stages?

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Baby buying timeline?

i have tons of newborn/0-3 month stuff that has only been worn maybe 1-2 times, mainly because i got a lot of summery type clothes and my girl was born at the end of summer. so i'd really suggest thinking about what time of the year your baby will be at different ages and try to buy clothes that will fit the season, like for me 3-6months will be in winter so i bought warmer clothes, then by 6-9months itll be spring here so i bought lighter clothes, and so on.
but at 2 months shes outgrown most newborn sleepers and needs 3month sizes. i know when i got all the newborn clothes i thought they were so small but they ended up looking huge on her at first. so just depending on how big your baby is and how fast it grows different sizes may end up being worn earlier or later than what they're marked for.
i'd also suggest mainly onesies, because they won't roll or flip up on the baby, and there are even pants that snap in the crotch area saving you the trouble of pulling everything off to change diapers.

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Baby buying timeline?

For newborns, i dont advise buying anything but sleepers and diaper shirts. Julian didnt wear anything that wasnt a sleeper until he was well over 2 months old...most babies just arnt comfortable in those cute little outfits they sell. Besides, we were given many little outfits, for the odd time(and for us, it really wasnt often) that we wanted to dress him up.

They are out of newborn sizes soo fast. Also, those sizes are innacurate. My 10 month old wears clothes ranging from 6 months, to 24 months. Persoanlly justb y a few basic things in each size, because you never know how fast your baby will grow.

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Baby buying timeline?

I'm with newgurl, though, I'd sort of like to know how many of what I should have accumulated in what sizes before the birth. I'm mostly getting a lot of hand-me-downs and sort of taking whatever is given to me; I want to avoid buying stuff as much as possible, but if I *need* to, I will. So, what is the bare minimum of clothes I'll need?

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Baby buying timeline?

We have mostly 3-6 & 6-9 for the newborn stage. All the advice I've recieved is that they'll outgrow before they outwear, so just dress them in the next size up. Might be a bit baggy, but saves you $.

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Baby buying timeline?

I made a list while I was pregnant of how many things I had of each item. It helped me to be able to look at an actual inventory and then realize what I needed more of, and what to tell people I wanted or had enough of. I just planned for about 2 outfits a day plus PJ's because they spit up and get messy a lot. So just decide how often you want to do laundry and buy for that. Like say you want 7 onesies, 7 sleepers, a coat, 7 pairs of socks, 7 comfy pants, 7 pullover shirts, and a few cute going out outfits and then you have about a week's wardrobe. Then add in a few towels, blankets, hats and whatever else you need and you're done.

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Baby buying timeline?

oh making an inventory..thats a good idea....arent baby hats the cutest? lol.

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Baby buying timeline?

Honestly, its nearly impossible to guess how your baby will grow.. I had lots of 0-3 stuff and when my son was born (at 7 pounds & 20 inches) he was way to tiny to even fit in 0-3.. he wore preemie clothes for the first month, then 0-3 till he was about 3-4 months old. He then wore 3-6 until about 6 months, then was in 6-12 months till about 8-9 months, and right now hes wearing 12-18 months and I've been getting 18-24 months becasue I'm sure hell be in that before winter is over.

Sleepers and onesies are all you really need for a newborn.. and those sack things with arms are pretty handy with tiny babies who love to scrunch up (my son always wiggled his legs out of the sleeper legs.

I actually do most of my shopping at end of season clearnces and buy ahead for the next season.. I just kinda guess, but so far I've done well (although I totally went overboard on 0-3 month stuff for him).

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Baby buying timeline?

jayden was only 6 pounds when born so he wore 0-3 months till he was about 5 months old. Right now he is still wearing 12 month clothes and hell be 2.5 in jan. I didnt buy anything untill he was born and i saw how big he was. I mostly took what people gave me and made it fit and bought only the necessities. I didnt buy all the fancy cute outfits cause all he did was spit up on them anyway. Onsies with pants so they dont get cold and sleepers that are like night gowns and open at the bottom. thats all i needed till he was about 4 months. Lots and lots of onsies. everything j got was a hand me down from my 4 yr old brother so I just no had to start buying him more clothes

Arent little brothers and hand me downs great !

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Baby buying timeline?

I was thinking about the same thing.. I was gonna buy some clothes from my job but idk... i think ill wait until i find out the gender.

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Baby buying timeline?

Yea making the inventory is really good. I did it and I was able to see what I had and what I didn't have to buy more of and what I did. My daughter is 4 months old and still wearing 0-3 months and even a few newborn sized items. I think that working it out backwards is a good idea. Like planning how often you wish to do laundry and how many outfits you will go through a day. I am able to go 2 weeks without washing but then I end up with like 2 loads of her washing alone so I do it at least once a week - normally when I have enough to fill the machine. I now have enough clothes to last up to 9 months or so. I brought a lot of her clothes second hand which worked out really well as I was able to save money. I am a bit of a picky person so this was I got to choose what I liked and my family know to avoid buying clothes for her and to get something else if they wish to buy something which is great because then it is something less I have to buy Little bit off topic - sorry.

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Baby buying timeline?

We had way to many infant clothes. All she ever wore were onsies. If she wore anything at all. If we weren't going out I would rarely dress her. Those sack things with arms are great. DD would wiggle out of her leg holes too, then you would have to un-twist and stuff.

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Baby buying timeline?

my daughter is 2 months now and some 3-6 months fit her ( a little big) and 0-3 months fit perfect, but are on the small side, like if they were shrunk they would not fit!!!!! i'd say in a few weeks my 2 month old will be in 3-6 month clothes only!!! and she was only 6 lbs. at birth!!