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7 months

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7 months

well keneil is 7 months now and he crwaling yay! and he babbled mama and dada it was so awesome to hear i cant stop smiling and he holding on and walking arouind and pulling down any thing he sees and get his hand on but still so teeth yet am so happy these milestones are so great hes growing too fast for me lol :lol:

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7 months

i have baby lust.
thats awesome that hes crawling everywhere.
*sigh* anyone want to be my babydaddy?

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7 months

Aww, how cute. Congrats mama. I agree, they do grow too fast!!!

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7 months

awe! i know its too fun watching them grow up! i remember when joshua started crawling it was so cool. everyone always tells me to enjoy these baby years while i can, and its so true its already going way way too fast!

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7 months

I swear, I videotaped Cae everyday when he started to crawl because he's walking now, and I wanted to make sure I had memories of him being so tiny and rambunctious at 6 months, hee hee! :lol: