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Applying to a University ...

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Applying to a University ...

So I went to Mpls Community & Tech College since Spring 2004 and I am still taking 3 online classes this semester. I have all A's, B's and a C. I have two Withdrawls and an F. The reason I have an F is because one semester I took 4 in-school classes and one online class, and I was working 30 hours a week, plus being a mom (of course, hahaha) and I knew I was taking on a load, so I switched the online class to a pass/fail grade. I ended up getting a High D in the class, but I didn't know that that would be me at a Fail. So I have an F on my transcript.

I am super nervous about getting into University of North Dakota now. I don't know if I will. I know the F and two Withdrawls don't help. The withdralws are because of schedule conflicts with daycare, so it's not like I meant to and I also withdrawled from the classes within a couple weeks, although it was past the withdrawl date.

Help, I need assurance. I applied to UND about a month ago and tomorrow I will be dropping off my transcript and application fee. Eeeeekkk ...

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Applying to a University ...

:hug You'll be fine, transfer students generally have more lax standards than incoming freshman. My MIL used to work at admissions at a competitive state school and she says they pretty much always let in transfer students. It sounds like you only have a few "problems" with your transcript. It may not hurt to write explaining your withdrawals and F though?
Good luck with everything. Congrats on the move.