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seperation anxiety

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seperation anxiety

not for my daughter.but for me. anyone have a hard time coping with being away from their kids while theyre at a babysitter/ daycare and youre at work? ive gotten used to working, but im still not used to not being around her all the time. when i wasnt working, i was saying how i would enjoy having a couple hours to myself.. now i dont like it too much. i know shes fine, and shes having fun and being well taken care of. i get sad cuz im not with her. i hope this goes away as the weeks go by,but im not so sure. i def. have to work so not working is outa the question.

how do you guys handle missing your kiddos??

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seperation anxiety

I started working a month after she was born. My mom watched her a couple times a week (well everyday until she was a few months old) and then I found a friend who had a certified daycare in her home.

It was hard at first, but honestly I liked the time away ... it was nice staying at home for a month with her & I stayed at my mom & step-dad's place, but it was nice to be around people my age at my new job and interact. I missed her, of course. But now she's 5.5 and in preschool, starting K in the fall - so I know how you feel ... :) that freaks me out & I will probably cry... hehe.

Like you said, she's fine ... so you don't have much to worry about. It just takes adjustment and you'll get used to it. You're doing fine ... :)