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my winning poem!

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my winning poem!

so........if you're on fb you may have already read it because it was written a while back, but some parts have been changed. anyway, i decided to recite it at this slam poetry session in my neghborhood when i heard that the prize was $500 dollars, and guess what...I WON! everybody really took to it. it's loosely based on the people who turned their backs on me and talked crap about me when i was pregnant and after i had my son. so...yeah. i just thought i'd share that. it goes.

"Character Assassination"

with a bullet of lies
my well being is wounded
and it’s a fine time
for my life line
to be rebooted
to a stable state
where I take control of my fate
and become conscious of all mistakes
made by my own convictions
i’m headed toward redemption
without your permission

but, sometimes I wonder why
i continue to let them lie
and despise
when I am constantly seeing through their omnipresent disguise
seeing through their forever
unclever lying eyes
of deception
shit…its called rejection
cause I refuse to lose to the masses of deceit
refuse to be faced with the abuse of
blues by defeat

cause hell,
i’m not ashamed by the fact that by name is being defamed by the insane
who cant possibly seem to restrain the lust of their flesh long enough to maintain a proper conversation
their of no relation to my caliber situation
doomed to fail with no true aspiration to prevail
with the mass population
so caught up in the latest sensation that
they cant even begin to comprehend my motivation

these feeble foes of mine are no longer exhausting my being
like Mya I rise
and I fail to compromise
cause thus
its my soul that I’m redeeming

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my winning poem!

**snaps** Girl!!! That was hot. I'm totally feeling it! I can relate!!