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cool recipe sites

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cool recipe sites

Well, I'm home every night now and with my SO working evenings I'm the only one cooking dinner, so I'm looking up recipe sites. I've been making the same 6-7 meals for years, and frankly I'm pretty bored.

I found the campbell's site really useful, you go to and click on the campbell's kitchen link. You can type in the name of the soup you've got, and they'll give you a recipe using it! Course I never buy campbells because it's pretty much the same as the store brand, but the recipes work just the same.

Anybody else got regular sites they visit? I'd love some suggestions, vegan/vegetarian are definitely not out of the question.

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cool recipe sites

Completely vegan!

and raw vegan recipes

I have used both with FABS results


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cool recipe sites

join u can search for ANYTHING and there are reviews on some

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cool recipe sites

I usually use

A lot of the recipes allow you to customize it for number of people you want to feed, there's pictures and reviews as well!