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sugar addiction?

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sugar addiction?

is it really possible to have one? i'm trying to wean myself off of soday, but it's so hard because i keep getting these awful headaches! am i having withdrawals? i know it's not the lack of caffeine cause i only drink soda's without i really do think it's the sugar. has anyone else had a hard time giving up unhealthy things?

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sugar addiction?

oh all the time!

i think you can be addicted to suger. enough of the really proscessed stuff will give you a mild rush. i'd think it;s more of an emotional addiction though. i know i find sugary foods comforting. no advice really but i totally understand that feeling of being addicted to something that's supposed to be harmless.

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sugar addiction?

I get that way when I don't have my coffee of the day ... headache from hell. I'm not too much of a sugar freak, but I don't drink pop so that helps ... can you try something like green tea w/ caffeine with a bit of sugar instead of the pop? Hot or iced ... yum!

If I want something sweet, I usually have a small amount of something like I have vegan marshmallows, so I eat a few of those & that usually takes care of it! :)