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going back to school.

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going back to school.

I think i have made up my mind and am going back to school to be a lactaion consultant. I have been thinking about it alot, and i really want to do this. I would LOVE to a LC to young moms, that need help with breastfeeding. But don't get they help they need from the hospital for whatever reasons. I also want to start a breastfeeding clinic in the feature. I know that is a long way off, but it is something to work for. So i have a questions. If me and sarah ( my sister ) get a house together and i get on assistance and file for child support, will they give me assitance to go back to school full time? Or will they make me get a job and put dd in daycare?? also, where do i start for assitance for school? Do i go to the same place i went to for Medicade??? Any help would be awesome. :D

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going back to school.

I'm not sure how that works where you live at, but I know here (texas) you do have to get a job or volunteer. And it is at the same place you'd get medicaid from. You could try to get financial aid from your school too.
Blah, I wish I could be more helpful. I think it's so cool that you want to be that. Good luck and I hope someone else has more info. :)

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going back to school.

going to school full time "counts" as a job. Also you can get daycare assistance that would pay your sister to watch Navy, if that's the plan. You can totally do it! Also, talk to the Financial Aid office and ask about scholarships.

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going back to school.

Yep, school counts. Although for me to be in TANF in ND, going to the University doesn't count but going to the community college does. So I am going to work part time on campus so I can still get TANF. But you should still be able to get on child care assistance & all that.

It's exciting!

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going back to school.

yup and i know here in az you can get. . . almost like cash assistance that will pay for some of your college. i only go part time and that still counts as a job. i dunno it probably depends on the state. you could just call your local des and find out