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38 wk update

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38 wk update

I went to my doctors today and things still seem to be going good. I'm measuring at 38 cms and the baby's heart rate is 140 beats. The baby was moving so much when she was using the doppler that it took her like 2 mintues and a better moniter to pick up a heart beat. lol

I'm 50% effaced and 0 dilated. She also told me that she thinks I'll make it to or past my due date. Ughhhh I want to be done with it sooner than that! She said that if I make it to next week, I can choose whether or not I want to be induced.

I'm thinking I might take her up on that offer. I really didn't want to, I wanted it to happen naturally... but I'm so damn big and I can barely walk because of all the pressure. I can't sleep even though I'm always exhausted and my back is killing me constantly.

I've heard so many horror stories about induction (like how long it takes, how painful, etc) that I'm not sure if I should go through with it. Has anyone been induced and, if so, was it horrible?

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38 wk update

I was induced with Aidan because I was 3 cm dialated and 50% effaced and not having and regular contractions for 2 weeks! I set the date and went in and they broke my water. I was given 2 hours to make progress or they were going to give me pitocin but I wasn't allowed up to walk, which I totally diagreed with! Well I didn't really make any progress so they gave me pitocin and upped my dosage every 15 minutes until I had regular HARD contractions. I was dead set on no pain meds but at 4-5 cms the pain was so bad it was making me push. So I asked for an epidural but the dr. went to lunch and wouldn't be back for 2 hours! I was livid! So they gave me demerol to calm me and help me rest. I just made me pass out between contractions and wake up partly during them. So I think I would have been ok after that but the dr. came in and gave me an epidural. It definitly helped but I still had a lot of pain. Not too unbearable tho! And it took 8 hours start to finish to have Aidan when induced. With Ian naturaly it was 25 hours. The whole point of the pitocin is to make the contractions as hard, close together, and as many as possible.

So that's just my story with it all. It's not necisaraly the same for all of us. So this was just my take of it.

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38 wk update

Being induced isnt a piece of cake. lol well labor isnt period.

it can be a VERY long process or quick depending on how ready your body is.

Good luck.

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38 wk update

i was induced with Kaden because my contractions weren't strong enough yet and i lived 45 minutes away from the hospital. At first they made me walk and take a whirlpool bath ect. and then they gave me pitocin and broke my water. I couldn't get up and walk when I got the pitocin but I really didn't care to so it didn't bother me very much. I went into the hospital at 5pm and had Kaden at 11:30 am the next day. It was a long time but they also thought that they were going to have to do a c- section too, because i didn't dilate very fast. My ocntractions were okay for awhile but they started to get bad so I did get an epidural, but I kind of planned on having one anyways, because I'm not very good with pain most of the time. My epidural had worn off by the time I had him though, because the staff didn't understand what I meant when I said "HEY i can feel all the way up my legs can I please get another epidural"....or else they just didn't want to give it to me...Yea i was a LITTLE bit upset about it. All in all though when I have another child I wouldn't think twice about getting induced. I just wanted it to be over with and have my baby, and I got him so.....

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38 wk update

Wow, you're in the home stretch! I know the last couple of weeks are hard, but I think it's worth the wait to have a natural birth. Hang in there!

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38 wk update

Being induced can be more painful, IMO, if your body wasn't ready.
I was "induced" with my third for fear I may not make it to the hospital (I have super quick labors & even quicker deliveries) but I was already contracting and dilated when they gave me the Pitocin.
I didn't find it any more painful than my previous delivery.