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out of control

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out of control

I think it IS helpful because if she isn't able to jump right in and change everything right away (as in I'm never going to smoke pot again), at least she's making steps to keep her children safe while she works on it -(canadianmama said this)

this is what i meant to say when i suggested those things. i was concerned about making the environment a little safer in the meantime and i dont think there was anything wrong with that suggestion.... the other alternative is the conditions stay the same UNTIL the BD and her changed, which could be a day or a month, why let things be so unsafe for all that time, when it could be just a speck more safe in the meantime?????

i was trying to help her and i dont need people being rude to me, if you dont like my suggestions, dont use them!!!!!!!! they were posted for the ORIGINAL POSTER as a suggestion to increase safety in the meantime, if the OTHER posters dont agree, thats fine but telling me i should be ashamed for making those commets is out of line.

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out of control

AnonymousMama I also think you should think about whether or not to have this guy in your life. Someone (kaya I think?) brought up a good point about your saying you can't say no to him, and you're running around for him at 3am. Is this relationship controlling? abusive? is this cry for help about more then just drugs? If so, are there shelters you can get to?

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out of control

i personally do not know what you are going through, but i can imagine that it sucks. try looking for counselling, or someone who you can confide in who isnt involved in drugs. clean up the house. it sucks trying to get up the energy, but do it for your children. keep drugs up and away from them. i know that isnt the full answer, but until you are able to quit (which i really hope you do) keep your children safe. you are strong for posting on here, but now you need to be even stronger and take the steps to change things. the first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem. and you know there is. if you need to chat, theres no judgement here at all, feel free to pm me.

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out of control

i HAVENT BEEN VERY ACTIVE ON THIS BOARD LATELY DUE TO SOME LIFE ISSUES I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH. Sorry about the caps. I think its an awesome step you are taking to make your life better. you relize you have a problem and thats a great acknowladgement. Maybe you could try to get into a rehab program? is there anyone that can take your kiddos for a while while you get help?
I could look up some help programs for you if you want to tell me where your located. you can always pm me if you want to talk. I had a previous cocaine addiction and it took alot to get over that. I had a really hard time but if you want help its doable. be strong mama. and get rid of that bf hes not helping any.