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My birth story

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My birth story

Well Kiara Jayde is here! I had to have an emergency induction. I went into the hospital Monday afternoon with cramps. I was still having regular contractions (as I had been since Friday) every 5 minutes, but still not making any progress. They asked me to get up and walk around and see if it helped. It didn't so they were getting ready to discharge me. . . . AGAIN! When all of a sudden the nurse comes in and is like "well her heart rate isn't as active as we like, so we're going to give you an I.V. and bolus you, she's probably just in a sleep period but she's not passing her nonstress test so we can't release you. I'm sure its nothing." So I got the I.V. in and then like 15 mins later they come in and they're like "ok we need you to get some oxygen. She's still having decels" I started to get a little worried, not too bad, but still just like what is going on. I really started to freak out when they came in again like 15 minutes later and said that the dr. ordered a special ultrasound, but it might be an hour or 2 because I had like 6 people in front of me. Dr. Connelly came in about an hour later, and was like "Well we can't wait for the ultrasound. She's deceling anytime she moves, or you have a contrations. I feel that while she could have some breathing issues because its a little early, its better to induce than to wait and have this turn disasterous." And he broke my water right then and there. She had a little meconium in it. I was sooo scared. Critter wasn't there because we got into a fight about me keep having to come in and then having to just go home. It did suck, I agree. We were both stressed to the max! But he was on his way and he didn't even know what was going on!

Well he broke my water at 7:15, and I was only dialating about 1 cm every 2 hours. It sucked so bad. The contractions weren't bad really at all. They were really barable. Then when I got to about 5 cms is when they started picking up. But they were still really irregular for some reason . They would be 3-4 minutes apart for the most part, but then sometimes there would be some that we like 5-6 mins apart, and then like 30 secs apart. But Dr. Connelly didn't want to do pitocin in case it stressed her out even worse. The nurse was really awesome but kept pusing pain meds at me. She just kept saying that she wanted me to be comfortable. Well she was actually pushing an epidural but I absolutely didn't want one! So she told me about this pain med called nubain that is really mild (much more so than demerol or stadol) and that it only lasts a couple of hours. So I got that at about 2 am when I was about 5 cms. I was having HORRIBLE hip pain. It took my hip pain away and took the edge off of the contractions. So I dialated a little quicker. I went to 7 cms in about an hour and a half. They did pressure points on my back to help the pain, and it worked really well, but when I hit about 7 cms it started making it worse, and I started getting back labor. By 4:45 am I was 9 1/2 cms dialated and they were just waiting on Dr. Connelly to get there. I needed to push sooo bad but they kept telling me not to. I was getting sooo mad! And finally about 5 til I was like I couldn't take it anymore I'm pushing if he doesn't get here! And then he walked into the door. Oh they had given me a small amount of pitocin at 7 cms to regulate my contractions. Just 1 milaunit although by the time I had pushed 3 times I was up to 5! She was still really high (at 0 station) and I was still only 9 1/2 cms. He said he didn't think it would matter, that it was just a little lip and she should just push past it.

I had wanted my mom and Critter to hold my legs, but my MIL pushed him aside and got one of my legs! It pissed me off sooooooo bad, but I was in too much pain to say anything. The meds had totally and completely worn off by that point. In the first sets of pushes she came down to +2 station. And then the pain got soooooooooo much worse! Turns out she was sunny side up. And she was caught between my pelvic bone and spinal cord. It hurt soooooooo bad. And then, although I didn't know it at the time, but her heart rate would drop to about 60-75 when I was pushing. I was told later that it should have been at least 100. Or something like that. I don't remember the exact numbers. So he made me wait until the peak of my contractions to push because thats when I made the most progress and he wanted her out of there quickly. But like I said I didn't know it at the time. The pain was beyond horrible because of her being face up. On top of that he was using one hand to push my perineum down as far as he could, and the other to get her head and try and turn her. He didn't do it everytime, but about 5 or 6 times I think. I would scream soooo loud when he did that. It was sooo incredibley painful. Critter and Jaimie said it sounded like I was being murdered! There was 2 or 3 times where she would just about make it under my pelvic bone but the contraction would end and she'd pull back up. Finally after 1/2 hour she got passed my pubic bone. It took 3 pushes after that for her to crown. I was BEYOND exhausted. I was literally forcing myself to stay consious. Once she crowned he kept telling me not to push, but I was so exhausted that I couldn't hold it back. My body had completely taken over. It turns out she had the cord wrapped around her neck twice! I didn't know that though. Once the cord was moved, she literally flew out! Dr. Conelly told me later that he's never come close to missing a baby until her! Haha!!!

They placed her on my tummy and Critter got to not just cut the cord but clamp it off on both sides too! As soon as he cut it, the nurse took her to the warmer. Not 30 seconds laer, there were about 6 nurses around Kiara. I didn't know it (I found out from Critter and the pictures) because I was literally passing out from exhaustion and shock. I was shaking and my teeth were chattering like crazy. I was still in extreme pain.

They came and told me she wasn't breathing right and they were going to get her on oxygen. This was all during shift change so like every nurse was around her. Her ped came in about 1/2 hour later to tell me she was on oxygen but doing good, and that they did an xray and her lungs were a little wet but no meconium in them. He said the respitory issues could befrom that, or her being early, or from shock and he was betting on shock. It was such an incredibly tough delivery. Dr. Connelly kept telling me (along with everyone with in the hospital limits it seemed like) how good I did, especially since I did it meds free. It made me ( and still does) feel soooo incredibly good and proud that I got my natural birth, especially since it was sooo damn difficult.

By 930 am she was totally off of oxygen. She did really well and breast fed like a champ from the beginning. At noon they repeated her chest xray. The radiologist said she had a neumothorax ( a small hole in the lung) but my ped was beyond pissed about that! He said the xray was beyond horrible, that they did it wrong, the picture was horrible and he doesn't know how he saw anything at all, but he still had to repeat it at 4 since he diagnosed it and refused to change his mind. Well again at 4 the radiologist diagnosed it, but my dr said he didn't see it at all. He kept apologizing because that would mean she would have to be under the oxygen hood for 8-12 hours, but he said better safe than sorry. I totally and completely agree. I just wanted what was best for her and for her to be safe. There was so many times that things could have been really bad and the absolute worse could have happened and didn't. She got another xray at midnight and it was perfect. So I had her back by 1. We were able to leave the hospital at 6 pm yesterday.

She is abolutely perfect! She's really stubborn and has such a little attitide already!!!! She is a breast feeding champ already and eats constantly! Sometimes though she gets too hungry and will sit with her mouth wide open over my nipple and just scream! She loves the pacifier, but it has to be the one we got from the hospital, so I had my nurse (who is a year older than me and I've known since 6th grade) sneak me like 4 of them and we snuck them out since you're not allowed to do that. She's got the biggest feet ever! I swear they're like freaking boats! She has really long fingers and toes too, just like me. And lots of black hair like Aidan had! She looks just like her daddy!! I told him she would, that he has the strongest genes of anyone I've ever met!

Kiara Jayde was born July 1st 2008 at 5:45 AM. She weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. I'll post pictures when I get the chance.

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I'm glad she's ok and

I'm glad she's ok and breastfeeding is going well too! That sounds stressful. Eric was face up too, god that pain was so horrible... congrats on your new baby I know you must be really happy you have her now!

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Congrats!! That sounds like

Congrats!! That sounds like one hell of a labour and delivery!! Congrats on going natural!!

Im glad everything worked out, and you have a healthy baby at home!

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Congrats. It's wonderful

Congrats. It's wonderful that you were able to have a med free birth even with all of the complications.

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I'm glad every thing turned

I'm glad every thing turned out ok. You must be so happy. :)

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Congrats! I'm glad that,

Congrats! I'm glad that, despite the rough start, everything's going well now!

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Woohoo!! Congratulations!!!!

Woohoo!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy you had your baby girl!!

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congratulations mamatessa!!

congratulations mamatessa!! Glad everything turned out good, and that you had a healthy babe!!

cant wait to see pics!