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Happy MLK day!

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Happy MLK day!

In the U.S., today is Martin Luther King day. How do you guys celebrate it with you kids? How much of a conversation do you invite them to have with you?

It was super snowy today, so I didn't take my three-year-old to any real parades or celebrations or anything (we didn't actually leave our house all day), but we did have a parade around our living room and we listened to his "I have a dream" speech on NPR. I don't think my son understands what the holiday is about yet, but we'll talk about it more as he grows older.

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We didn't really do

We didn't really do anything, but Cae talked about the holiday at school last week. My partner taught his kindergarten kids about MLK and they got super excited about standing up for equality. I should ask Cae what he knows about MLK and go from there.