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Colored Play Dough

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Colored Play Dough

So I tried to make my first batch of homemade play dough. It went really well until I tried to use some food dye to make it green. The color did not mix well throughout the dough and it comes off on T and my hands. Any tips on making my playdough colorful?

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Did you use the recipe where

Did you use the recipe where you add cream of tartar and cook it on the stove top? That's what I use and I haven't had any problems if I add the food colouring before mixing it all up and cooking. I've also added it after, when I was kneading the dough and it did come off on my hands, but once I worked it in it didn't come off when the kids played with it. If you do it that way, I'd start with a drop or two and mix it thoroughly before adding more.