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Milk Donation

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Milk Donation

Oprah's Magazine ran an article about milk donation. Here's the link:

For those of you who are interested in donating milk, I've donated milk with Milkshare. Here's their link:

When I tried to stay in college, I pumped during my school day. T never took a bottle, so the milk went unused. I donated my milk to a woman who had twins a couple months younger than me. She had supply issues stemming from having multiples and a c-section. It was a one time donation, since I only stayed in school for three months. I was lucky to find someone in my area who just came over to my home to pick up the milk.

Has anyone else donated their milk? I think this is such a great thing to do, to give mamas an option other than formula to feed their babies when they can't nurse or have supply issues.

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I have never done it, but we

I have never done it, but we are currently working on trying to establish a milk bank in the province... I aggre, I think it is a good thing! :)

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Thanks for the links.

Thanks for the links.