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Kiara is getting too big!

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Kiara is getting too big!

Kiara is 8 months as of the 1st! And she is getting soo big! She is a little miss diva! She can put her own paci in her mouth and is always trying to put it in mine! She ate 2 WHOLE bananas last night for dinner! And she will yell at me if I don't feed her fast enough. I call it her baby cuss out. She yells at me in baby talk- EH BA DI DA BA BE DO DA! It is beyond cute! She also has 2 bottom teeth coming in. One corner has broken through on one and the other is on the verge of it.

And today she stood for 30 full seconds and then tried to take a step. She got her leg up and then started to fall forward before I caught her! I can't believe it, she's so little! She's got great balance and is getting better and better everyday. Part of me is sooo super excited and part of me is like eeeehhhhh I don't know about this. . . . . . I can't imagine a 9 month old walking, they don't understand limits and are incredibly curious, she would get into everything! And also at the same she is my last baby, my body just can't handle another pregnancy and our income can't either. I found myself begging Crit for another one and one day Kiara was driving me up the wall and I thought I can't wait until I don't have a baby who needs constant attention anymore, and then it was a light bulb- its not that I wanted another baby per se, it was that I absolutely love being pregnant and even labor oddly enough (nothing is more empowering than pushing your body to its limits to bring your child into this world!) and I miss having a newborn. So its hard for me knowing this is the last time a child of mine will get her first tooth, or crawl for the first time, or walk, or say her first word. I want it to go slowly and cherish it! Thank goodness for nursing! It makes her still feel little to me, feel like she needs me.

But regardless, my little girl is growing up and will be a walker soon!

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That is so exciting. I was a

That is so exciting. I was a super early walker and it definitely makes for a LOT of work.

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I can't believe she's 8

I can't believe she's 8 months already. It doesn't seem like that long ago you were pregnant. T was an early walker. Since she was my first, I was initially excited and then I realized how much I just wish she'd sit and play again. Glad to hear she's doing so well.