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favorite women authors/poets?

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favorite women authors/poets?

i read a lot of Adrienne Rich this semester, and i am absolutely in love with her. you can really tell by reading her prose that she is also a poet- her words are so amazing. i read On Lies, Secrets and Silence for a class and i've been trying to find time to read Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution, even though it was written in the 70's, a lot of her ideas are the basis for the thesis i will eventually be writing for school. also read Audre Lorde this semester, she also kicks ass.

who are your favorite women authors?

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favorite women authors/poets?

anne lamott- she has writen non-fiction; traveling mercies, bird by bird- a book about writing, and operating instructions, the latter is an awesome account of her 1st year of momhood as a single mom, recovering addict and very funny lady. i have only started to read one of her fiction books, Rosie, and so far i like it but fiction rarely captures me like non fiction, though of course all accounts of what is fiction and what is not are relative.

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favorite women authors/poets?

bell hooks is a kickass feminist author. Barbara Kingsolver writes good fiction. Female poets I love are Nikki Giovanni, Sylvia Plath, Marge Piercy, and Anne Sexton. I'm sure there are more, but those are the first to come to mind. :)

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favorite women authors/poets?

I really like Adrienne Rich too. I also really liek Margaret Atwood.

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favorite women authors/poets?

I am deeply in Love with the Writing of Sylvia Plath.

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favorite women authors/poets?

Barbara Kingsolver is really author. When I got The Poisonwood Bible I couldn't put it down! I wrote my book report for world history on it...and got an A. :D

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favorite women authors/poets?

Barbara Kingsolver is awesome! I had to read some essays from High Tide in Tucson for a class and I got hooked. I've read a majority of her books now and want to read the rest this summer.

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favorite women authors/poets?

Honestly, Jewel. I love her music, and I love her poetry books to pieces.

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favorite women authors/poets?

I loooove Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, and Flannery O'connor

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favorite women authors/poets?

Another hardcore Sylvia Plath fan here.

I also like Naomi Wolf
Virginia Wolfe
Susana Moodie