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Sick whiny toddler.

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Sick whiny toddler.

J is sick. She had been fussy for a few days and not eating much, and wanting to be held a lot. At first I thought it was because of K. K needing so much and stuff. This afternoon when I picked her up for the 1000th time, she seemed warm, so I took her temp, and it was 103!!! So I gave her motrin (cuz tylenol dosen't do shit for my kids) and called the doctor. I'm not too worried about J because she's still playing and acting pretty much ok, except REALLY whiny, and not eating much. What I am worried about is K getting whatever J has. That scares the shit out of me. K is being fussier then normal, and spitting up a LOT, like vomiting almost. I've been keeping tabs on her temp, and counting wet diapers very carefully, and so far she seems ok. The thing that worries me is that she can get really sick really fast.