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Baby scheduale

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Baby scheduale

I'm a late sleeper I mean super late. I normally go to bed around 4 - 4:30am. Now I was raised w/o a bed time and all and I don't want the same for my son. I' just worried now b/c he goes to sleep around 1 or 2 am and wakes up with me around 12pm to 2 pm. I wanted to know some tips on learning and teaching good and healthy sleep patterns. And is there anyone else out there like me:?:

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Baby scheduale

I'm not in your situation, but maybe you could wake him up a half hour or so earlier every week for a few weeks until he is waking up around 8 or 9 or so (and you will get into a less nocturnal schedule that way as well) in the morning.

He'll go to bed earlier when he wakes up earlier. You should still be able to get a couple of hours to yourself after he goes to sleep, his schedule will just be shifted to an earlier time. I also think the younger you do this, the easier it will be.

Good luck!

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Baby scheduale

i agree with erika. just slowly move his wake u time back at 15-30 minute increments. eventually he'll be getting up earlier. be sure to get plenty of sleep yourself! don't over-do it. maybe you might want to try going to bed earlier. I put Sydney to bed around 9-10 at night and I don't go until about 12-1. We both get up about the same time.