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Booster Seats

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Booster Seats

My little girl is 2 1/2, and weighs over 40 lbs. Her carseat says to use the straps (5 point harness thing) up to 40 lbs and use it as a booster after that. Is it safe to put a 2 year old in a booster seat with just the regular car seatbelts holding her in place?

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Booster Seats

could you call your local Police Department?

I know mine can go over an all over inspection to make
sure your kiddo is safe, with what type of carseat, weight , etc.

you can also try the highway patroll.

good luck!

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Booster Seats

I bought Malakhi a booster seat that is ok for 30lbs-100lbs. I put him in it for the drive to my mom's house 40 miles away and I had to pull over about 4 or 5 times becuase he had unbuckled himself and was running around the backseat. I finaly just turned around and went home to re-install the big old carseat. So, even though he was big enough, he wasn't ready for it yet.

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Booster Seats

Alexis was in a booster seat as soon as she outgrew her carseat. I think that as long as a child is secured and the proper precautions are taken, it should be okay.