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I am confused, could it be a sign?

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I am confused, could it be a sign?

I have been with my boyfriend since I was about 6/7 months pregnant. He is not my sons father. He was there when my son was born, he was there when he was baptised. When my son had to have a horendous amount of medical tests done, HE WAS THERE. So obviousely he loves my son and I, I have NO doubt about that.

We have been apart since July 8th. I moved to NY from FL. At first we had no problems, distance wasn't a problem, but now I am questioning our relationship. There is no doubt that I love him, but am I still IN love with him? I know I am the only one that can answer this, but I am confused. I am HOPING it's just the distance making me feel like this. I will be seeing him in January or so, but BY my 21st birthday (February 6th).

I told him the other day that we need a break, but to us that means NOT seeing anyone else, NOTHING sexual with anyone else, there is still a commitment there just we are having some air for ourselves.

Does anyone have any advice?


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I am confused, could it be a sign?

I am thinking maybe you are just confused. Has there been any signs that he doesnt care about you anymore? How exactly do you feel inside? I am thinking maybe you just really miss him and need some company.

Also usually when people are far apart from each other they say "the heart grows fonder". But who knows. I know I would be missing my b/f if we were apart for that long. I guess really what you need to do is just sit and think about how you are really feeling. Take a break.