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My sister got engaged

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My sister got engaged

Ok, my sister is 20 and her boyfriend is 26 and has a 4 year old daughter. I don't care about age, him having kids.... you know, etc... but I want to mention that for the sake of the story. Anyway, she just started college this past fall and he just finished. He got divorced a few years ago and they share custody of their daughter. Anyway, around Thanksgiving Crystal (my sister) and Aaron (her bf) got engaged. She just told me this past weekend. I don't know why she waited, I think she thought that I would judge. Me of all people!!! I dunno really. They have been dating 10 months and they're waiting until she is done with college to get married. She doesn't know how to tell our parents... weird story. They're hard to tell things like this, they're judgemental, like tell Crystal she's too young, etc... any suggestions on how she should tell them? We were extremely surprised they didn't freak out because Aaron has a 4 year old and was married before. Any reason anyone know why she waited to tell me? She was there when I found out I was pregnant!

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My sister got engaged

maybe she felt like waiting till she was sure of her answer. she's a grown woman she should just tell them straight out and if they think she's too young, well thats their opinion. maybe if they come together as a couple, present a united front. if they are gonna be married doing things as a couple infront of the parents will help them realize its not gonna go away. i know my sister in laws parents hated her, thought she was "loose" now they dont come around as much as they should but they accept her and now she has a child so they sorta have to accept it. your parents might not come around any time soon but they are adults if she really wants to do this they will realize they will only hurt them selves if they dont accept it.