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CA mama's?

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CA mama's?

Well my friend Lucas is opening a bar in San Francisco and is trying to get me to move down in July and work for him. California is a big move from Michigan, but something I'd like to try. Who from GM lives in the area? Tell me the good and negative things about living in California! Thanks :)

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CA mama's?

I live near SF and plan on moving there in a couple months. I love this area for so many reasons.
The Good:
-SF is a really good sized city but you can drive or bus a short distance in be in beautiful mountains, valleys, beaches, etc.
-The weather in spring and fall is lovely. It never gets really hot or really freezing the rest of the year.
-SF has great public transit.
-The city in general is liberal.
-There are good public schools and lots of alternative schools
-People are friendly.
-The city always has things to do for adults & kids. There are great museums, golden gate park, music venues, libraries, etc.
-The food out here is EXCELLENT! SF especially has every kind of food you can imagine and for much less than most cities.

The Bad (or not so good):
-Housing is pricey. Check out Craig's List for an idea.
-It is foggy a lot of the summer (though you can get out of it pretty easily)

I can't think of anything else. It really is a great place to live. Let me know if you have any questions!

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CA mama's?

I live near sf :)

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CA mama's?

I live in SoCAl, but San Fran is my favorite city in the whole world. I love it and I can't imagine anyone there being unhappy. My bf and I went for a mini vacation in October and I wanted to cry from happiness.
But the cost of living is outrgaeous, even for someone from SoCal.
We saw a tiny, tiny place, maybe 300-400 sq feet max going for almost $400,000! It was just a tiny kitchen and closet for a bathroom with a loft on top with space for a full size mattress.
My friend, who lives in the tenderloin pays $2,000 for a 2 bedroom apartment and that does not include parking. Her building charges another $1,000 for a parking space, so she sold her car. Of course, public trans is harder with 3 kids.

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CA mama's?

I live by SF

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CA mama's?

Damn, a bunch of northern cali mamas... :?