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Moved and still having problems making friends

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Moved and still having problems making friends

I just moved to Raleigh, NC Dec. of 2004. I have been trying everything in my power to meet and make friends. Doesnt seem to be happening.... I think it stems from examples like this.
I took the kids to a local park where other SAHM where hanging out. Vick and a little girl where getting along great! Then the other mom was like Maybe when she goes home and talks to her mommy she can come play at our house." ANd I said, "I am her mommy." Then the other mom made excues about her and her daugher needing to leave RIGHT now..... :cry:

So Yeah, I am all big and pregnant, can't seem to find a job, meet people or make friends..... So. Any moms out there in the Raleigh area???????

email me, pm me, something, PLEASE!!!

much love,