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a poem(or something?) i wrote

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a poem(or something?) i wrote

They say whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger
But maybe
Whatever doesn’t kill you
Eventually makes you numb instead

You and I both know
Why your are the way you are
How you got here
What road you took
How many times you got lost
How many times I waited for you
How much I sacrificed
How much you never fucking deserved it
I know your guilt
I know your pain
It became a part of my own
I’ve seen you at your lowest
Noone will ever know you
In the way I knew you
Noone will ever believe in you
The way I believed in you.

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a poem(or something?) i wrote

Wow that's really powerful. Poertry is prolly the only way I can express myself but I can never share it with anyone, I have a trust issue! That's brave of you to share it and to mean it. And I found it inspirational. Thank you for a beautiful poem. I hope you feel a little piece of you relax. I'm not sure if this is making any sense. Damn my mixed up head! But I loved it, it was touching, H x