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Two of my poems

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Two of my poems

saying I love you and meaning it,
being afraid to admit.
letting the tears fall like rain...
vowing to never to feel this way again.
letting thoughts and memories entertain,
Someone so dear to you...
You not knowing what to do...
Someone who, means so much to you....
Had to leave you...
Saying goodbye...
Lots care..but I...
Sit here.. And I...
Lay here... and I...
Stare into space..
And I pace...
And I crave your embrace..
And I can`t erase...
Memories of you...
And I can still see you...
And still I breathe you,
and still I taste you...
And I smoke, and I drink,
and I think,
and I watch the clock.. And I...
Take the phone off hook..and I..
Talk in circles.. And I...
Walk in shadows.. And I... ..


I can still taste your skin,
And smell your sin,
On my body, on my clothes,
To love, tonight, you`re the one I chose.
To tell you that I have fallen… to say
I never wanted it to be that way,
To cry, in front of you,
Then, having to say my adieu.
To know I`ll be wanting to feel your touch, and to see your smile,
Because you`ll be leaving in a short while.

To want to take you in my arms,
To need for you to realize how special you really are,
Just another side character in my life story,
Although an important one, who showed me some of livings glory.
Smiling with a rage, with a passion,
Crying of a happiness so profound and mending all abrasions,
Everything we`ve taught each other and learned,
No bridge with you was left unturned.
You made me find my smile again, when I had forgotten where it went…
Falling for you was never my intent.

I never meant to say things that would bruise,
And I never cared about anyone`s views,
What mattered to me were the happy memories, the good times shared,
The smiles, the laughter, knowing that you cared…
The something that kept us coming back to one another,
Even though sometimes it was good to be apart, it was best when we were together,
I don`t know what I`ll do when you`re gone for good,
I knew you were going to leave, that I understood,
Just know that terribly, you`ll be missed by me,
But I`ll always be there for you if you need, that, to you I can guarantee.

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Two of my poems

They are both great pieces of work. I like the top one, it could be song lyrics or something. The second one for some reason brought a tear to my eye. Strong words xx